08 Jun
"Unlock your dreams & set yourself free"

Welcome to Willow Avenue Therapy, my name is Kathleen and I have a passion for dreams, yes those movie like scenarios that visit us when we are in our most restful state. People have been asking my advice on what their dreams could mean for over a quarter of a century, even before my academic studies. Now of course I realise that I can't do the analysing, they are your dreams from your subconscious and only you can unlock them, however, I can help you do that with the right tools. What are dreams trying to tell us? Do they mean anything at all? Well actually they do and psychologists from Freud to Adler believed so too. When we are not in a waking state our brains are processing all sorts of things. So how can this help in a psychotherapeutic setting?
Dreams can be a reflection of what we’re feeling at the subconscious level, for those who find it difficult to talk about their feelings, dream therapy can help unblock emotions buried deep inside. Creative people find dream therapy very beneficial and in my man years of working in the music industry, I have found that creative people have very vivid and sometimes recurring dreams.
One of the major benefits of dream therapy is the positive self care aspect, keeping a dream journal is one of the key tools in this therapy. By allowing five to ten minutes a day for journaling, you give yourself permission to focus exclusively on you. 
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